Driver Training

We offer  non-accredited courses. Our facility offers a second to none off-road experience under the careful instruction of qualified, experienced 4WD instructors.We will give you all the fundamentals of your 4×4 vehicle and loads of obstacles to negotiate across 80 acres of man-made challenges, natural terrain and a large variety of surfaces. So whether you are new or experienced in off-road driving, you will love your time hereat Melbourne 4×4 Training & Proving Ground.

The site offers:

  • Suspension articulation areas
  • River crossings
  • Hill climbs (basic to extremely difficult)
  • Rocky climbs
  • Skid pan
  • Concrete climb (30 to 45 degrees)
  • Log climbs
  • Full variety of surfaces and terrain (rock, dirt, sand, mud, grass, clay)
  • Bridge crossings
  • Staircase climb
  • Rally tracks

Course content includes:

  • How and when to use 4WD
  • How to negotiate hill ascents and descents
  • How to read the terrain and where to place your wheels
  • Your 4×4 capabilities and limitations
  • Safe vehicle recovery procedures
  • Steep hill recovery starts
  • Negotiate river crossing
  • Rocky hill climbs and descents.

Additionally, with our unparalleled customer service, we can customise a course for all your specific needs and requirements. Please contact us for bookings, enquiries or to discuss your training needs.