Non-Accredited Training

If you are seeking personal development without the need for accreditation, then this is the course for you. Melbourne 4×4 Training & Proving Ground offers courses for individuals each month. We only allow a maximum of 15 vehicles and 3 instructors for each course to ensure you receive personalised attention.

Whether you have just bought a 4WD and are new to off-road driving or if you already are confident with your 4WD and are in the quest for advanced, more challenging environments to negotiate, either way, you will enjoy and benefit from our one day courses that we run.

Inexperienced drivers are instructed in a safe, controlled environment,whilst advanced drivers can put their skills to the test with an instructor on hand.

Basic / Intermediate & Advanced Course

This course is designed for the driver who has no or very little 4×4 off road experience and who needs to learn the fundamental of their 4×4 vehicle, all 3 courses are combined and you will complete these all on the one day.

This course will teach you the following:

  • How / when to use 4WD
  • How to negotiate hill accent & descents.
  • How to read the terrain and where to place your wheels
  • Your 4×4 capabilities and limitations
  • Steep hill accent & descents
  • How to negotiate rocky climbs
  • How to cross rivers safely
  • How to keep control of your 4×4 on wet slippery surfaces
  • Safe recovery procedures including winch, snatch strap, high lift jack, exaust jack.

Course is run over one day, starting from 9am and concluding at approx  5.30pm.

Course cost: 

    $300.00 for the driver

    $230.00 for a second driver in the same car

    $50.00 per passenger not driving

 Includes a set lunch, morning and afternoon tea and all refreshments.

Dates for 2021

24th April

29th May

26th June

31st  July

28th  August

25th September

30th  October

20th  November

18th December

Gift certificates – Non – Refundable
Can be purchased by calling us in the office. (no expiry date)
An info pack along with the gift certificate will be emailed to you.
You can choose a date for them or they can choose a date that suits when they are ready.
Re booking fees may apply. Fees will vary depending on how many days/weeks notice is given. Max amount $50
Certificate can be transferred to another Fully Licenced Driver (no fee)