Facilities and location, while important in the choice of a marina Australia are not the be-all and end-all. Some of the key factors to consider in your choice of a marina, Australia to make it the best one include:

Parking space to unload/load

Many marinas in Australia have a land shortage. This shortage often results in limited parking space. Unloading and loading gear, equipment, and more become tough with limited parking areas.

The best marina offers plenty of parking space and an easy way to the main jetty. A marina that offers an ample supply of barrows and carts makes loading and unloading easy and convenient. Ramp access and generous parking for trailers are also other top qualities to look for in your search for a good marina.

Berthing access

A seamless boating experience is achieved with a marina offering good berthing access. Outside moorings can be a hindrance. A marina offering access at all levels of the tide is the one to opt for. Generous fairway depths ranging from 3m to 11m should be met by the marina. Adequate fairways mean reducing the chance of your boat being subjected to wind-driven action. Tidal flow is also reduced when the marina is on a protected channel.


24-hour CCTV in all areas with exclusive “members only” access entails a secure marina. Electronic access provided by a security gate that can only be opened by tags is another good way of ensuring security within the marina. 24/7 staff manning the marina should be part of the equation as well. Locked gates and perimeter security fencing are additional things you need to consider when choosing a marina.

Weather protection

A marina offering excellent weather protection is the best way to keep your boat safe. Wind driven action can damage your boat. Good marinas offer wave attenuators that are specially engineered to minimise wind driven wave effects. The addition of deep protective baffles ensures a safe haven for your boat in all types of weather conditions.


24/7 staffing is an important thing to consider in your search for the best marina. A marina manned 24/7 even on holidays and weekends are the one to opt for. Having staff members on hand at all times ensures help when you need it most.

Nearby boat destinations

A good marina should be seriously considered if you want to use your boat many times a year. A marina located at the channel offers a wealth of attractive places to enjoy and explore. The less marine traffic coupled with many attractive boat attractions nearby should be one of the requirements to look for in a marina. Sailing becomes more exciting and enjoyable when a marina features nearby boat attractions and destinations.

Available facilities

Some of the facilities other than marina berths should be looked at closely in your selection of a marina. For instance, a marina offering long or short term storage arrangements for your boat or trailer is a good choice. Some marinas offer amenities such as shower/toilet facilities, reception areas, cafes, convenience stores, and offices for electricians, shipwrights, mechanics, and more.

The more facilities offered by a marina to make life easy and convenient while sailing, the better.

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